Sunday, May 3, 2015

Friendly Reminders

I have always been the girl who has been friends with everyone, but haven't found anyone (other than my siblings and my lifelong childhood friend Bailey) who has accepted me for me; the real me. The me who has terrible road rage, has absolutely no tolerance for rudeness, an obnoxious habit to quote movies, an affinity for reality tv and my lack of wanting to party. Little did i know that i would meet a friend in college that would give me the chance to find the kind of relationship where i feel there are no reservations, but just laughter and happiness.

Allow for me to introduce by best gal friend, Dee. She is one of the most kind, caring, hilarious, forgiving, thoughtful, intelligent human beings that i have the pleasure of being around, and i cannot begin to explain my love for thick chick. We initially were acquaintances when were both at Chaminade University, she was more popular so we just kinda acknowledged each other, only to find that at the beginning of my sophomore year at UH Manoa, she was in my Hawaiian Studies class. Later, we were then in an Educational Foundations class, and then we finally had the joint realization that the universe obviously wanted us to be friends, and here we are 3 years and a college transfer later. Dee accepts me for exactly who i am, and i feel like no matter what story i tell her, she always has kind words of advice or a shared gut-wrenching laughter fit. With her graduating this May (i am so excited for her i could explode!), i found myself wanting some cute pics of us that i could put all in my room and have as a memory. Between the dates we have at a local diner, to our scared obsession with Criminal Minds, to our hours of talking in my living room, its something that is a breathe of fresh air in my life where i go 900 miles an hourWe originally were gonna get all dressed up, but Sal made a good point "Y'all don't get dressed up together anyway, yoga pants are kinda like yalls norm," so we went for our casual outfits and just had a blast feeling like we were taking wedding photos for an engagement announcement. Good friends are a dime a dozen in our society today, and once you find tat trust, it truly is a gift that you should never let go of. I cannot begin to explain how lucky i am to have this gal in my life, and hope that this post inspires y'all to reach out to those who make you feel happiest and just let them know; sometimes its just a small smile or hello that can make the biggest differences. 

Later Gators,

PS: Looking through all of our photos, i found this beaut and felt that it was the one poctue that really sums up our relationship: goofy and unique

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  1. Friendships like the one you girls have will last forever no matter the distance!!!!