Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fancy Pants

Guys. Lets talk about this skirt for a second. Its chiffon, flowy, elastic waist AND in a wonderful navy blue pattern that matches everything. FRIGGEN SCORE. I found it at my local Gap Factory store, and knew this lady needed to be in my life. The color combination of hot pink and navy has always been a classic combo, and I thought this striped tee did just the right combo between casual and formal. I have worn it to work numerous occasions, and cannot wait for a more formal ocasion that I can pull this on and feel comfortable, and beautiful at the same time.
Being that I am in the home stretch of this semester, and have literally only worn coverup and the sporadic mascara to school, I have been feeling less than inspired when it came to fashion. So when my sister and I decided to get up and take some blog pics, I felt that I needed to wear something that made me feel bright and sparkly; to find what made fashion my haven again. My Momma has always taught me to wear what makes me feel pretty, whether that be yoga pants, jeans or maxi skirts, so that when it comes to dancing on a dance floor, or having dinner with your girls, you feel that your smile is just that much brighter. I had so much fun getting dressed up again and realizing that this blog is my safe haven, a place where my love for fashion and lifestyle can shine and give me an outlet through all this stress.
Later Gators,

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  1. Super cute combo girlie!!! And you know "momma always knows best!!!😘