Monday, April 6, 2015

Buy Local

We have all been there: that moment when your mom finds a passion for something, and expects you (as a teenager, no less) to want and believe what she is saying. When I was growing up, my mom made the choice to feed myself and my siblings organic food; she wanted "to know exactly where the hens who laid her eggs ate, and how happy the cows were in the pastures". I remember rolling my eyes because all I wanted to do  was eat junk and not think about all that 'mumbo jumbo'. Well I have officially become my Momma. I have begun to make huge changes in diet when it comes to gluten and dairy, and have seen/learned things about the food I consume that both inspire and repulse me. Seeing how fast my lettuce wilts after opening the container, or the amount of un-pronounceable chemicals on a bag of chips, and I have begun to see how it makes my body ache and slug around, and how eating things that are close to the earth makes me feel awake about what I want in my diet and future.
With the above being said, I am completely advocating for Buying/Eating Local. By shopping at your local farmers market, you are not only helping small businesses thrive, but you are cutting back on the oil it takes to ship and transport the imported goods, which cuts back on emissions into our atmosphere, which helps the O Zone, and so on. There are so many options when it comes to a farmers market; you can find anything from produce, to fresh bread, to colorful lunch options! Along with the farmers markets, you can also visit your local restaurants and coffee shops instead of visiting those crowded corporate stores. Being home for Easter, I was able to visit Waimea Coffee, which has the most amazing coffee that I crave daily when at school and Starbucks just cant compare, and food that is all made from locally grown and made ingredients. I know that sometimes price is a bit more elevated when it comes to organic, and it is very hard to shift, but sometimes the idea that your body deserves the best is an overwhelming inspiration.
Later Gaters,

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  1. I love your blog...I am your momma and am so proud and inspired by you daily. But this has to be my favorite blog post of all time. Makes my heart beat with pride!!!! I love you so much mf! 😘