Monday, September 1, 2014

Comfort Meets Colorful

Whelp, lets all face it, we all have days where its near to impossible to look in the mirror, or put on real clothes. I have a usual uniform for school consisting of workout leggings, comfort tee and nikes because its hot as Hades on campus, and I'm not bout to sweat my way through some skinny jeans. However, there are acceptations to this uniform, and the above outfit is just that. I have never been a shorts person, but these Bermuda's I got from Target are so stinking comfortable, I would even dare to travel in them (yes, I know shocking). My mom, sister and I also have a sever obsession with bright scarves being that they add an instant together feel to any and all outfits, and this scarf was scored at an amazing sale and has all the colors of the rainbow. So with that said, I have made a pact in my head that I am going to actually wear nice clothes to school when I am having a great morning or the heat is not so severe, because feeling cute does wonders for personality and attitude when conquering daily classes!
Later Gators,


  1. Right on the money with the scarf shut out!!! You know I love me a good scarf!!! Miss that we can not share out collections!!! Love you muff! ������

  2. Sweet MF,
    So beautiful and so you! The joy on your face is a great day starter for this Auntie. Love you