Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Theres No Place Like Home


Soooooooo I know I have been MIA for like an eternity, promise I didn't get kidnapped or fall down a rabbit hole, but I am back home, back at school and ready to kick off my new semester with a whole new mindset. I spent the last 10 days home on the Big Island with my Fambam. We snuggled on the couch and watched all the taped Orange County Housewives episodes, cleaned the guest rooms, chopped up a fallen tree for fire wood (thanks Iselle), laughed until we cried, and ultimately had the time together as a family before we all get thrown into our lives. This past summer was truly one of the hardest three months being that all the change caused me to realize that life is consistent, but offers bumps and stops that help you to develop who you are, and to change yourself to adapt to your surroundings. Above are pics from home, our kitties, family and truly my favorite place on the entire planet and am already counting down until Thanksgiving!
Later Gators,
PS: new outfit posts to come soon!

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