Friday, July 25, 2014

5 things

With all the recent change in my life, and the need for me to adopt the ability to go with the flow, I've been really struggling with finding things that make me happy on a daily basis. Lets face my ever-so-real reality; I let the bad moments over take the happy moments because its so much easier to let unhappiness eat you up inside, than being able to be happy with your life. With my history of how I handle stress, its always in the back of head my usual tendencies of looking towards food as a way to dull the pain/stress/unhappiness. After having recovered from my eating disorder for nearly 5 years now, I find that having 5 things that make me feel calm, happy and clean really help to take my mind off what's really hurting me.
5. Letting a Good Book consume me
There is something about curling up on the couch, with a soft pillow and my fave jammies on that make my stress level decrease by about a million. It gives me another world to be a part of, and make me lose track of my sadness.

4. Watching a Show that makes me Belly Laugh
I have a confession: I live for the 3 pm time slot that ABC family reserves for Boy Meets World reruns. I will never get sick of this show because no matter how many times I watch it, I always muster out a giggle, or a uncontrollable fit of laughter as Eric Mathews screams "FEEEEEENAYYYY". Laughing always makes my mood shift!
3. Watching a Holiday movie
Alright, so this may seem like really, really strange, but I cant tell you how many times I have popped a Christmas, Halloween or valentines day movie in and how it makes me take a deep breath. There is something about the excitement of holidays that makes me get excited for the future, and then leads me to a 3 hour binge on pintrest searching deco and dishes I want to make.
2. Prayer and the Rosary
I have always been one to find comfort in my faith, and by no means am I thrusting my beliefs or practices on those who are reading. However, when going through my recovery, I found that when told to do meditation as a form of quieting my mind from all the negativity, the rosary provided just that. I was able to close my eyes and speak my mind and pray for others without worrying. It gave me a moment to think about things much bigger for myself and give my worries to Him, rather than keep them inside.
1. Talking with my Family
I always find that talking with my momma, sister, dad or brother always gives me that ease that I constantly long for. Whether I am crying an yelling becausse something happened that was out of my control, or hearing funny stories about my cats, I always feel worlds better after a long facetime sesh, chatting about my moms withdrawals from TJ Maxx, or my dads ridiculous group texts he send; I always end up with a Cheshire cat smile on my face.
Now I know this weeks post is a bit more personal and less about all the pretty, shiny and sparkly things that fashion offers, but I want to show that I am human. I have days where I wake up and can barely get out of bed, or cant bare to put real clothes on because feeling pretty seems impossible. But I also have days where I am so happy that I can barely believe how blessed I am. I am blessed to have a home, family and friends that are there to catch me when I fall. By finding at least one thing or moment that I am thankful for (like a complete stranger giving me a free frapp coupon at starbucks) gives me the strength I need to know that my life could be a heck of a lot harder, and make me appreciate all the good that I do have.

Later Gators,


  1. You inspire me.

  2. I love this! It's inspiring and just what I needed to read. :) <3