Monday, July 14, 2014

Feeling Frenchy

In high school, I took two years of French, believing that the language of love would flow through me like my ability to consume Crepes in celebration of Bastille Day. Boy was I wrong. I struggled and struggled through conjugation and pronunciation and eventually counted down the days until the semester was over. However, I still have a love for the language and the culture that the French have. From their quaint shops and markets or the history behind the art and monuments scattered throughout Paris, I have an obsession with the feeling of being French (tends to make me feel more classy). When I saw this shirt at Old Navy, it knew it was destiny. It is soooo comfy and it matches practically everything. With summer in full swing, I have noticed a lot of French influences throughout the fashion scene, between sayings to matte pastels, and feel that every girl needs a little extra boost of class from this trend. As the French say, C'est La Vie!!

Later Gators,

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