Friday, July 4, 2014


Hey there Y'all! So this Friday is my absolute second favorite holiday on the entire planet (aint nobody got anythang on Christmas): the 4th of July! Since I will be working, big thanks to the founding fathers for protecting that right for me to earn some dough on our great nations birthday, so I decided to make a super festive drink to honor our patriotic colors and the magnificent heat that July has brought. So bust out those aprons and lets get to mixin!

You will need:
1. Cranberry Apple Juice
2. Sobe Pina Colada Juice
3. Gatorade Glacier drink
4. A glass of your choice (strongly suggest the festive Murica-themed mason jars)
5. Straws

First, pour into your glass about a 1/3rd full with the Cranberry Juice. After, add ice into the glass all the way to the top.

Next, pour about a 1/4th of a cup of the Sobe Pina Colada directly onto the ice very, very slowly. This will prevent it from directly mixing into the cranberry juice.

The final drink step, pour a 1/4th of a cup of the Gatorade onto the top of the drink, also pouring slowly.

And you are left with a layered, refreshing and tasty drink to cool off on the 4th! I have to admit, it took me a couple of tries to get my drink to look successful (thank the heavens my brother downed all the batches without a complaint!) but I'm so happy with the final product that is so easy to make, and very tasty I have to say with all the flavors combined. While I will be at work, I plan to be extremely patriotic fashion-wise and will be having some burgers and fries for dinner and trekking up to Tripler Hospitals parking lot to see all the different fireworks around the island with my partner in crime aka my sister. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Independence Day that is filled with love, laughter, and freedom because that's what our founding fathers worked so hard to maintain secure for our future!

Later Gators,

PS: comment below and let me know what your favorite recipes are or how your drink came out!

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