Monday, June 16, 2014

Keep Calm & Put Your Jammies On

Lets face the reality my friends, we all have those days where no matter how loud our Ipad alarm is, we sleep until noon, and have nothing better (or want) to do but binge watch the Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. I am guilty of having those days quite frequently, but always feel refreshed and relieved to have some time to myself to sit and do things that my school/work schedule don't always allow me to do. So throw on your fave jammies, sit back and go through a few things that can help with the stress weekdays can bring...
1. The first thing I always do when I have a day of absolute nothing, I put a hotpot on full of water, and fill up my favorite mug of the moment with some decaf green tea. With all the antioxidants and the great taste, green tea is the ultimate combat to any kind of stress that I may be feeling. Sometimes I switch between earl-grey and green tea, but either way, a cup of tea hits the spot for melting away the worries.
2. Next, I slide on the little pieces of heaven, aka my Ugg slippers, as I sit my behind on the couch. They make my feet look like Hobbit feet but are the amazing cocoons that keep my tootsies warm and cozy. With all the time I spend on my feet at work, sometimes my feet need a litter R&R, and this Christmas gift I received 2 years ago couldn't be a better fit (pun intended).

3. We all know that I moved out a couple of weeks ago, and one of the things my amazing Momma left behind is this fresh scented candle. Being my Mommas daughter, I am obsessed with everything lemon, whether it be scent or a print on a dress, and I light this whenever I miss my Fambam because it reminds me of home. I light it when I'm having a me-day, or when I'm cooking in the kitchen, but it gives me the instant comfort of having my apartment smell like home.
4. After all the above steps are taken, I settle into my little corner of the couch, and pop in all my favorite movies. Normally, I stick with the typical chick-flick combo, but tend to switch it up sometimes (if y'all follow my Instagram, I had a Hunger Games marathon!) because they make me laugh till I pee my pants, and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Above are some that I watch on repeat because they never get old to me, and sometimes a little bad-ass woman action makes me feel empowered!

5. What is a relaxing day without a bubble bath! I always bust out the bubble bath that I am currently obsessed with, which at the moment is the Candy-Cane Christmas bubble bath from Philosophy, and I always put way to much because I absolutely love to be smothered with bubbles. I don't do facemasks because my skin is so sensitive (don't want any breakouts after my spa day!), so I stick with my normal face washing regimen, but this face scrub is absolutely AMAZING! It has truly changed my skin appearance, and smells divine.
6. The final step is the traditional toe-nail painting. I am going between the above colors, and knowing me, I will probably go with a completely different color in the end, but Essie is my go-to brand of nail polish. They always have amazing colors to choose from, whether your feeling classic or daring!

Well that's it folks, my days of relaxation don't always consist of this routine, sometimes I sit with my turban on my head, a bowl of goldfish and 9 seasons of Greys Anatomy, but its always fun to have a day of pamper and ease! Let me know below in comments any suggestions or what your pamper days consist of!

Later Gators,

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