Monday, June 9, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle

I have to admit, living in a place where the climate is always a solid 80 degrees, I have a tendency to always dress with spring/summer trends in  mind; hence the bright colors that over take my closet. Yellow has a tendency to make me feel brighter, more optimistic and a bit more ready to plaster a smile on and brace the incoming day, and this dress is no exception. The necklace contains every color of the rainbow (and then some) and goes with absolutely everything I own. When I wear it to work, it instantly causes guests to take notice to it, and what girl doesn't love a good-ole compliment!

Story Time: My sister and I went on an adventure attempting to find this key store to make another set of keys for the apartment, and came across the much acclaimed Art District, downtown in Honolulu. It is three-four blocks of industrial building with local businesses and they are covered ceiling-floor on the outside with urban paintings, making it amazing and so interesting to see all the different visions of other artists. I had always heard of it, an once we found it, we zipped into a parking spot, and ventured around (and of course took the shameless Instagram pics). I knew it was the perfect place to take pics for the blog, and that having local art that is up for all the community to appreciate would provide the most amazing backdrop for my first post of the summer!

Later Gators,


  1. Hi MF!
    Another day brightener ! Love the yellow too!
    Aunt Judy

  2. Love the bright color combo and LOVE the necklace.