Monday, June 2, 2014

Champagne Shores & Turquoise Waters


With summer being in full swing (finally done with spring semester!), my fam and I headed to our favorite spot to vacay: The Waianae Cabin. We have been travelling the long 45 min (in Hawaii time, that's long) drive to the place that houses 10 years of memories. We spent a glorious 4 days with long-time family friends lounging in the sun, laughing/dancing in the water and relishing in the last few days before my momma, dad and bro make their permanent move to the Big Island. It was a perfect end to a decade of life on Oahu as a family, and the amazing start to a chapter that will be filled with mistakes, unforgettable moments, and the racking up of frequent flier miles.

Later Gators,

A little Outtake: My bro had me take a million shots of him running and flipping, and this was the final and best one of the bunch. Gotta love that competitive nature of the Donnelly kids.

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