Monday, May 5, 2014

Into the Blue

I am absolutely obsessed with this new trend of reflective, colored aviators. As soon as I saw all my favorite bloggers sporting the green, blue and red tinted shades, I was sold on their spring/summer versatility and effortless chic-ness they add to outfits. These shades I am wearing I found in the glorious accessories section of Forever 21, and was pleased with such an amazing price! When it comes to trends, and not closet staples, I tend to find them for a lower price, rather than that of higher end, because they are more likely to last a season, rather than years, making my credit card much happier in the long run!

Later Gators,

 Off course, gotta give mad props to my amazeballs photographer who braves the heat and makes sure I am looking and feeling good the entire time.

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