Monday, May 12, 2014


I have a weakness for baseball hats. Yes, I own a million, and I wear them on any excuse that I can find; Oh its raining, Oh haven't washed my hair in a week, Oh its a monogram kinda day. Hence the title of this post. EDSFTG stands for Ever Day Should Feel This Good, which is a hashtag I am always looking up because of the awesome preppy posts! When I saw this hat in the store, I knew that she was my soul mate. Not only does it have whale-inception going on (whales within whales) but it is by one of my all time favorite brands: Vineyard Vines. VV creates the most preppy clothes and accessories and I cant get enough. A cute baseball hat is an accessory you cant go wrong with, much like a good girlfriend or a Netflix marathon.
Later Gators,

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  1. I always smile when I see your Blog pop up in my mailbox! You go girl!