Wednesday, April 2, 2014





Last week, myself and three amazing girlfriends (one is my rockin sister), trekked our way from Oahu, with our Vera Bradley in tow, all the way to the Big Island (yes, 45 min flights are long for me). We spent the week at my family home in Waimea, relaxing and doing all the things tourists do: road tripped to Hilo, gaped at amazing Rainbow Falls, hiked the volcano sites, beached/tanned, and explored the beauty of Parker Ranch. We made about 1543673 U-turns, listened to "Let it Go" every other song on the Ipod, and ate buckets of Ice Cream. It was a week that reminded me that the idea of having bunches of friends cant compare to that of a small group of girlfriends that accepts your inability to follow Google Maps and my love for mainstream music. Just wanted to share a bit from my week of fun, and promise another outfit post will follow!
Later Gators,

PS: the title of this blog is our hashtag from the trip, feel free to look it up!

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