Sunday, April 6, 2014

Plain White Tees


I am not one to go to a baseball game, I am much more of a football kinda girl, but when I imagine myself hanging out in the stands, eating hot dogs and fries from a cone, and listening to the die-hards scream at the refs, I imagine myself in a timeless ensemble: White T, Cuffed Jeans, and Sperrys. And lets face it, we all have those days where our hair is just anything by cooperative, and a fedora solves that problem immediately. I have a tendency to wear the same things over and over again, while neglecting other gorgeous ladies that sit in my closet, but I will always have a White T and jeans outfit close to heart because its simple, effortless and stylish; which is the most perfect combination.
And of course, you gotta take a #selfie


  1. (they're umpires/umps or blues in baseball not refs) (so you can sound like a little bit more of a baseball girl <3)

  2. That phone case is sooo cute!!!!