Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year, New Me



It goes without saying, 2014 kicked my butt. There were so many trials, mountains and walls that He gave my family and I that has taught us so much about what is most important in life. 2015 is a year where I will be making major life changes, whether emotional or physical, and I felt it necessary to share some of those "aspirations" with yall. I feel that by saying I have "resolutions" that I am making a wrong right, and that isn't the case. I want to aspire to become a better person, rather than resolve my issues.
1. Gluten/Dairy Free Life: I plan to eliminate gluten and dairy from my life because I believe that it will help me to get on a healthy path that will make me feel better from the inside out.
2. Appreciate Life: I tend to go 100 miles an hour consistently due to my schedule between work and school, and let the small things go by without notice. During this year, I want to make an effort to enjoy my life as a 21 year old, and seize the day.
3. Laugh: Now this may seem ridiculous, anyone who knows me, knows that I have a sense of humor and laugh a lot. However, I want to laugh so deep in my core from happiness, that my head gets dizzy and I feel like I am in the right place at the right time. I want to sped more time with those who make me genuinely laugh, not from nervousness or the awkwardness in a room.
4. Be Present: When I was going through my recovery, part of my treatment was to be present in all things that involve eating. Now, I want to transfer that into my daily life. I want to be present in all my activities, whether it be walking to classes or a trip to target, I want to try and silence the running highway of thoughts in my head so that I may see, hear and feel all the things around me.
5. Finding My Hunger For Fitness: This year, I want to get healthy. I want to exercise again, and find a place where I can enjoy running again, and find things that allow for me to be a healthier person inside and out. That's not to say that I want to be stick thin, because I love and appreciate all my curves, stretchmark's and things that make me who I am, but I want to treat my body like the temple that it should be.
I hope that these give you the motivation to find an aspiration for this new year, and whether you succeed, fail or attempt, at least you can say you lived. Happy New Year, I know it will be a good one!

Here is some Pics from our New Years celebration as a fam. We made homemade photobooth accessories and took pics outside in our backyard and had a 4+ hour dance party on the deck to Bruno Mars and NSYNC.
Later Gators,
PS: Here is a music video from one of my favorite bands to bop to, One Republic. It truly embodies what I want 2015 to be for me, and hopefully for you.

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