Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Retail Therapy

{Pre-Tears and Shelf-Digging}
{Perfect Accents for the Kitchen: Where all the Dance Parties happen} 
{Big Totes are always a must to stash reusable bags and all my Goodies}
{Maxi Skirts and Linen Pants are the perfect shopping outfits}

{I absolutely fell in love with this guy, he is the gator to my later}
{Being my mothers daughter, Throw Pillows are an Obsession}

  {My impending 21st already has me thinking}

Being that my family is in the epitome of a transition (we had our move upped by 45 days), a little retail therapy was definitely in order. So, in true Donnelly Girl fashion, my mom, sister and I trudged our way to the nearest TJ Maxx for some comfort. We began to make our way through the home section (the best section, in my opinion) because we needed to start shopping for some little things for our future apartment. We in turn found some great finds, including down throw pillows and microwave-safe bowls with covers. Of course, we got a little weepy as we looked at pillows and shower curtains knowing that our move-in was coming up within the next month. Lets just say, being Maxxinista really came in handy when looking for unique and comforting accents for our future home.
Later Gators,


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    1. Thanks so much! I work hard to get good pics out for yall, stay tuned for more! Let me know what kinda stuff you might wanna see :)

  2. Ooh, shopping is always my therapy even if I just look. Love your pics and great outlook!

  3. This page is so fun! I love it, keep it up please:)