Sunday, March 16, 2014

Carpe Diem

Top: Gap / Skirt: Old Navy / Wedges: Target / Vest: Gap / Bracelets: J.Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, Juicy Couture / Sunglasses: RayBans
 In my own personal opinion, every woman should have an outfit, accessory or piece of clothing that makes them feel like the belle of the ball; like you could actually walk up to Channing Tatum and declare your love without drooling. For me, Its hot pink and cheetah print. There's something about this skirt, when I put it on, I feel as though I am instantly in a better mood and can conquer even the biggest of problems. I had such a blast shooting for this post because I felt confident, and just loud enough (which we all know, us women like to criticize every picture we take!). So my challenge for y'all is to put on those pumps, blot that lipstick on, slide into that dress, and take on the day with a confidence only fashion can give.
Later Gators,


  1. love the look "Sandy" keep up the positive encouragement. We all need it!

  2. love it made my day